Mermaid Instructor

If you want to work as a Mermaid and create a career from teaching the thing you love the most, become an SSI Mermaid Instructor now! With this globally recognized certification, you can go mermaiding and work at SSI Training centers represented in over 130 countries. Becoming a Mermaid instructor is easier than you think, and this program is an amazing start to a new mermaid professional career!

Facts and Training Standards

Being a Mermaid Instructor is the perfect way to go mermaid swimming and start a new career, instilling happiness and joy in all your students! SSI’s high-quality standards and personalized training make it easy to become a professional Mermaid Instructor. Learn how to create safe and comfortable Mermaid students and certify all Mermaid Student levels. Go mermaiding today!

Minimum Age for Participation 18
Available as Junior Program No
Minimum Age (Junior Program) Not applicable / mandatory
Certification Prerequisites Not applicable / mandatory
Amount of Academic Sessions Not applicable / mandatory
Amount of Pool/Confined Water Sessions Not applicable / mandatory
Amount of Open Water Dives Not applicable / mandatory
Maximum Training Depth Not applicable / mandatory
Suggested Duration of the Training Program 24-32 h



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Be a Professional Mermaid

Scuba Schools International (SSI) was the first international agency to train Mermaids. We believe safety and comfort are the most important when teaching mermaid courses and becoming a Mermaid Instructor. We are proud to be the only training agency that trains Mermaids with different levels of student courses to meet their Mermaid aims and ambitions. Our professional digital training materials make it easy for our highly trained SSI Mermaid Instructors and Mermaid Instructor Trainers to train amazing Mermaids! SSI has the biggest pod of Mermaid instructors represented in 130 plus countries. We care about you and your Mermaid Instructor experience and want to ensure this becomes the adventure of a lifetime!

Our years of experience and uncompromising standards allow us to be the number one in Mermaid Instructor training. We look forward to welcoming you to the SSI Mermaid community and making your Mermaid dreams come true. Let your fairytale begin! Join us today.